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Prenuptial and Post Nuptial Agreements

Marriage is hard enough. Going into it with a clear plan for your finances can help you avoid many problems. We offer creative solutions to plan the business side of your relationship.
Prenuptial agreements help couples communicate about things like income, debt, assets, businesses, inheritances, and more. You’ll have a clear plan and expectations up front, plus you’ll learn how to communicate effectively about these important topics. We understand this isn’t as romantic as a well-planned date night, but dealing with these big issues up front can help everyone avoid sleepless nights later in your relationship.


The ties that bind aren’t always biological. If you are considering adopting, we can assist you through the maze of laws, regulations, and agencies involved.

Child Guardianship

There are many reasons to seek guardianship for both kids and adults. The purpose is to protect and provide help for at-risk family members during times of crisis or health issues. Struggles with substance abuse, untreated mental health concerns, domestic violence, incarceration, child abuse, death, and many other factors leave some parents unable to care for their children. Relatives often step forward to fill the role. Without a legal relationship, the caregiver is unable to legally consent for things like education, health care, and other needs.

We’ll help you navigate these issues so you can provide the best care for kiddos in a difficult situation.

Adult Guardianship

Similarly, many adults can benefit from guardianship. If an adult is no longer able to care for him/herself because of an accident or health issues like dementia, stroke, or other serious conditions, tools like a conservatorship or adult guardianship can be helpful. These vulnerable adults benefit from having someone handle their business affairs and protect them from those who seek to manipulate them in their vulnerable state.

Parenting Issues

Being a great parent is like brushing your teeth. No matter how well you did it today, you have to do it again tomorrow. We have over 25 years of experience in family law, helping families from all walks of life set up parenting plans, enforce parenting time, set boundaries when needed, and learn to co-parent well beyond the legal age.
With rights come responsibilities. Raising children means expenses not only for food, clothing,
shelter, and other necessities, but also child-care, education, extracurriculars, medical, dental,
and vision insurance and costs. A well-designed parenting plan will require discussion and decisions for all these provisions and more. We have the background and skills to build a better parenting plan and train you to manage it well.

Business Planning

We like to say “we built it, drove it, operated it, grew it, fixed it, maintained it,
managed it, and can walk you through it.” We can help you with the nuances of how to take your own entrepreneurial spirit and make it work for you. We have experience in setting up non-profit organizations, corporations and Limited Liability companies development, meaningful buy/sell agreements, operating agreements, Farm and Ranch Transfer Planning, and more. Action or inaction are both forms of leadership. Let us help you get the right start.

Land & Minerals

Our experience with land and minerals has a solid foundation, built with over 12 years of foreclosure practice across ND, SD, and MT, mediation of contracts between land owners and oil and gas companies, representation of the cities of Belfield, Medora, and South Heart through the zoning and land development of the energy boom, and land and mineral issues that come with divorce and estate planning. Title Opinions, Oil and Gas Leases and Disputes, Zoning and Property Disputes, Deed Preparation, Sale Contracts, and Quiet Title litigation are just a few of the services we provide.

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