Protect your
family legacy.

Legal expertise to help you
transition your assets and
values to the next generation.

Meticulous Preparation

Savvy Litigation

Powerful Strategies

Passing the
can be difficult.

- Awkward conversations
- Personality conflicts
- Family drama
- Complicated law and tax policies
- Unintended consequences

If you don't make these decisions....

A judge will decide for you.

Only you can give your legacy the care and attention it deserves .

Be heard long after your voice has gone silent.

Each family is unique but our proven process helps you stay in control.

1. Request An Appointment

We'll ask you some questions to make sure there isn't a conflict of interest that would prevent us from working with you.

2. Collect your information

Whether online or in our office, we'll work through each element of your situation. This foundational planning process is unlike the preparation you'll get anywhere else.

3. Protect your legacy

We will get to work helping you navigate the law so you can protect your family legacy.

This is personal.

Melissa has been through an unexpected inheritance. She never expected to lose both parents and suddenly be responsible for the family ranch. Because of her experience, your family can make smooth transition.

Lawyer Melissa Chruszch

Easily navigate the law.

Estate Owner's Manual
Binder of All Documents
Organized Affairs

Plan That Grows With You
Changes as Life Does
We are Here for Support

Meaningful Legacy
Peace of Mind
Clarity Moving Forward

Stay in control.

  • A plan that accomplishes your objectives
  • Divorce-proof decisions
  • Clarity on a living will and what choices to consider
  • Guidance from an expert in conflict management
  • Medicaid protection
  • Wealth maintenance
  • Organized personal affairs
  • Financial accounting experience through our partners
  • Assurance regarding your most important decisions

Don’t spend another day
feeling stuck.

Gain the legal edge so you can move forward to brighter days.